Security is the #1 service needed to make a company feel safe and free from worry. Our company is perfectly positioned to give you that quiet safe comfortable  environment you're looking for.  

Satisfying customers all around the Mid South and that's why we are the #1 Security Service to call on and here's what we can do for you:
Welcome to Global Security Services LLC TM
  • Maintain a safe lookout on private property
  • Make sure all rules and laws are being enforced
  • Observe and report on private property                                   
  • Full detail daily activity reports

Quality Key Points
Our company is your #1 choice for professional security. We provide excellent performance guarantees into each  contract, here's a few key points on what we can offer.
24 Hour, 7 Days A Week Ser.
24 Hour Dispatch
Guard Services
On Call Services
Great Customer Services
On-time Service
On Site Supervisor(Post Check)
Short term services
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